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You are on a beach in Maui – the first real vacation you have had in a long time.  Your business is in Vancouver, running on its own.  You wonder if everything is running smoothly in your absence.  Not a problem.  Via Quantum Security not only carries state of the art cameras, but can also program them so that you can watch real time video online or from your smartphone – from anywhere in the world. Your vacation just got better.

Via Quantum Security specializes in designing and installing security cameras and CCTV systems. In fact, that is how our business began.  Installing a camera system will enhance your overall security system, giving you real time coverage of your property, inventory and staff.  Commercial property crime and vandalism is high in the Lower Mainland – especially in Vancouver's downtown core.  Security cameras and CCTV systems deters vandals and thieves because detection and identification is quick and easy.

Security cameras can add an instant level of protection, giving you comfort if you:

  • have a large investment property,
  • have inventory on site,
  • struggle with vandals or intruders,
  • or are concerned about your staff and/or their safety.

We are the local, leading experts in multi-camera digital systems.