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Your business can have state of the art protection for $25 a month.

Why should my business have an alarm system?

Why shouldn't it?  With a Via Quantum Security alarm system, you can know your business is protected – even when you are not on site.  Our alarm system works in zones.  So, when the  system is triggered, not only do we know what is happening – a flood, a break-in, etc. –  we know exactly where it is occurring.  Depending on the situation, we know exactly who to dispatch to your business' site and how they can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.  One simple call to you gives you instant knowledge about the situation and peace of mind that your business is being cared for by a local team.*

Security Monitoring:

Via Quantum Security's business security monitoring service, in conjunction with your alarm system, will react immediately in the event of any intrusion or emergency –  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The monitoring station is a computerized, state-of-the-art centre. When your alarm system is triggered, the centre knows which sensors or zones have been activated and will communicate with the appropriate response team -  police, fire, paramedics or our local security team – who will be dispatched immediately.

We protect against:

Breaking and Entering

The best way to prevent property crime from escalating is to add our business security monitoring system to your customized alarm system.  We are always there for you – whether you are on or off site.  A triggered alarm or push of a button sends us into action to ensure the safety of your staff and that of your property.

Smoke & Fire

Imagine having peace of mind about your inventory's safety in case of a fire.  Whether it detects smoke or fire, the monitoring station will dispatch the fire department to your business immediately. In addition, the monitoring station can also detect whether the battery of your alarm system is still functioning in order to avoid unnecessary disasters. Via Quantum Security can monitor any security low voltage smoke detector at no extra cost.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

CO2 is one of the deadliest gases and causes numerous deaths each year.  You could be exposed to this deadly gas without knowing since it is colourless and odourless.  If your business is centred around the restaurant or food and beverage industry, this component is vital to ensuring the safety of you and your staff. The monitoring station can detect seepage of unsafe levels of CO2 instantly.

Flood & Water

Flood sensors can be installed in areas that are at risk from flood or water damage around your business' perimeter. Protecting your business from such hazards – especially while vacant – is crucial to keeping your inventory safe and your insurance costs down. Via Quantum Security can monitor some water pumps and gauges at no extra cost.

*Local response team is not included in the alarm protection package. Please see Security Monitoring or contact us for more details.